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I have a lot of random interests. I wear my geek badge proud.


If I am not at work or puttering around my studio, you can find me knee deep in antiques. I love history and dusty relics. My dream vacations involve exploring dead people's houses, museums, and battlefields. 

I like to make things. Or break them, to put them back together. I've been doing this ever since I could hold glue sticks and googley eyes. I like solving problems and build puzzles blank side up. 

I am a musical theatre nut, but don't worry. If I blare my showtunes I will be wearing headphones. I am a performer by nature and am comfortable giving presentations or reciting lines from a play. 

Now don't freak out, but I am one of those weird left and right brained people. I thrive on structure, deadlines and organization. I find I am well suited in fast paced environments and can make complex problems easy to understand. 

Overall I am just a quirky girl who loves to create things.

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